Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Eric came home this weekend & it was so nice to be a family again. The kids went to the airport in their jammies. Aidan ran to Daddy when he saw him. It was a nice reunion!! Lots of hugs, kisses, & tears. Before Eric got home, he sent me flowers & a thoughtful's the simple things that mean so much. We took the kids to an amusement park, went to the beach for a picnic, played at the park. I felt whole this weekend. It's been a while since I felt that way.
Saying goodbye yesterday was really hard for all of us. We reassured Aidan that Daddy will be back. I hope he will be ok. We have 3 &1/2 weeks to go & I am hoping it flies by.

Emmie is doing great!! She is eating cereal & she loves it!! She's just like her Mommy. She loves to eat! :) Pretty soon we will start introducing other foods. I can't wait! Emily's PT has increased to 1x/week. We learned some new exercises from Jill today...more work on the ball & tips for strengthening her back, shoulder muscles. I love these sessions with Jill. I learn so much.
Emmie will be adding Special Education to her Physical & Speech therapies. I am not sure how often she will have it or what specifically the therapist will do. We will be working with the same therapist Aidan had. We are so lucky to be working with Sandra!!

Took Emmie to the dr. yesterday. She had some blood in her poop. I was very nervous about it, but the dr. said it was from constipation, straining & pushing. She also has a slight tear. We will give her medicine 1x/day to help. It's similar to a laxative, but not as extreme. Emmie also got her 5 month shots. She cried a little bit, but big brother was there to comfort her. "It's ok Emmie. That's my girl". My kids are so special!! Aidan also got his flu shot. He was very brave. He is still admiring his band-aid. :)

Gotta run. I am making blueberry muffins for Aidan. Today was his 1st day back to pre-school. My mom always made me cupcakes on my 1st day of school. I am passing on the tradition, but adding a new twist. Aidan & I always bake blueberry muffins together, so I thought I would surprise him with a special treat when he gets home.

Thank you to everyone for your supportive emails & phone calls. We are doing fine & getting through. As always, one step at a time.....

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I took Emmie for her ultrasound today at Albany Medical Center. Emmie was a great calm & peaceful. The radiologist said that everything looks normal!!! YAY!!! :) I couldn't be happier about it. We haven't talked to Emmie's pediatrician yet, but I am sure we will need to keep an eye on this. I am glad the developmental pediatrician was cautious & sent us for the ultrasoud. It's better to get it checked.

Thank you all for your good thoughts & support.

I am grateful for good health, a wonderful, supprtive family & great friends. We couldn't get through without all of you.

Eric comes home tomorrow night. We are all excited! He comes in late at night, so the kids will be going to their airport to pick up Daddy in their jammies. I will be MIA for a few days enjoying time with my husband & being a family.

"Good things happen all the time."