Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am writing this entry for all the moms who have a child with Down Syndrome, however, it really does pertain to everyone. I can't stress enough the importance of finding your escape from the sadness & madness. Yes, sometimes I feel like I am going insane from this crazy life I am living!! How the hell did I get here?!?!?! Even if you don't have a child with Down Syndrome, you know exactly what I am talking about. Believe me, I don't mope around the house because my daughter has Down Syndrome, but it does get to be a little much sometimes on top of everything else.

I find the crazier things get, the more I need an escape. I need something to get me out of reality for a while. We all need that. I can't ever forget what is going on in my life, but a little peace here & there, really helps me. For me, it's working out at the gym, listening to music & singing like a rock star (yes, I am the next American Idol! :)), taking a drive by myself with the radio cranked up, meeting a girlfriend for dinner, gardening, blogging. Sometimes I just sit & enjoy the silence. Right now I am typing downstairs in the office & the peace is wonderful. I feel refreshed after I blog. It feels good to get everything out & to hear such wonderful feedback from all of you.

These things & others take me away from everything that is going on & I cherish them. These days, I find these times are few & far between. I grab them when I can & get lost. With two children with special needs, it is so easy for me to get caught up with pediatrician appointments, developmental pediatrician appointments, phone calls, scheduling Emmie's therapy sessions, attending Emmie's therapy sessions, catching up with my son's teachers, researching special needs, finding times it does take over my life!! This is all on top of my regular wife & mommy duties!! Having typical children is very busy & chaotic. Having children with special needs adds another layer. Aidan & Emmie are my world & I do everything I can to better myself as their parent & to better their lives. It is constant! Sometimes I think it would be easier to just let things slide, but that's not good enough. My children need me &t hey deserve better. I am their voice, their advocate. I will not quit.

So, to the Mommies.....Read a book, go for a walk, call a girlfriend, go shopping...
FIND YOUR ESCAPE!! Get away from all the information & every day craziness. You deserve it!!

Going to bed. My afternoon latte is wearing off. Good Night!

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  1. aww great post! thanks for thinking of all us mommies out there. sometimes we do forget about ourselves!! hugs!