Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A few months ago, Emmie's Early Intervention team (me, her therapists & Service Coordinator) met for Emmie's Individual Family Service (IFSP) Plan Meeting. These meetings occur every 6 months while Emmie is in Early Intervention. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss Emmie's progress & to propose new goals for her to work towards. At the meeting, I decided to increase Emmie's services. I want to give her every ounce of help I can. As of now, Emmie's therapy schedule is as follows:
Speech: 2x/wk
Special Ed.: 3x/wk
Physical Therapy: 3x/wk
Occupational Therapy: 2x/wk

That's a total of 10x/wk!!! We took off our front door & have installed a revolving door. :) There are days when one therapist is coming & another is going!! :) It is a crazy schedule & alot to keep track of, but it's all for Emmie & I know it's the best for her. With all of the therapies, dr. appointments, phone calls, etc., Mommy could use a secretary & an assistant! :) At first, the thought of so much therapy, made my head spin, but now I've gotten used to it & it is working really well. Emmie's therapists are wonderful & have become part of our family.

Emmie's therapy sessions last from 30-60 minutes, as much as she can handle. We are seeing some progress, but she has definitely regressed in some areas since the seizures began. Emmie can stand & take a few steps with assistance, but she is not ready to walk on her own yet. She does not talk. We get some sounds here & there, but no real communication. I know I need to be more consistent with signing. I'll add that to my to-do list! I know in time, Emmie will start accomplishing more, but at times I find myself getting impatient. I want her to walk now! I want her to talk now! I want that connection with her now! I play those moments in my head over & over sometimes...how it will feel when she takes those first steps towards me, when she looks at me & says, "Mama". What a sweet day that will be!!! Until then, we wait.

Emmie is in her crib right now & is supposed to be napping. I hear her tapping her empty bottle against the crib. I am afraid she is starting to ditch her naps. They are hit & miss these days. Not sure if it's from her medication or maybe she's outgrowing them. I hope not!!

Earlier today, one of the aides in Aidan's classroom sent me a picture (on my phone) of him eating his lunch. He was enjoying a cupcake that I sent in his lunchbox. It was part of the batch I made yesterday for World Down Syndrome Day....3/21. I decorated them blue & yellow (the colors for Down Syndrome Awareness). We brought some down to the Down Syndrome Aim High Resource Center & shared them with our friends there. It was a day to celebrate our little girl & the something "extra" she has given us. Love you, Emmie. XOXO

Gotta run. I think Emmie just threw her bottle out of the crib. I think she's trying to tell me something. :)

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