Monday, April 4, 2011


Emmie had her 2 year check up today. She got her polio & rubella vaccines & also had to get a blood test. She gets a blood test every year to check her thyroid level.s Thyroid problems can be very common in children with Down syndrome, typically it's hypothyroidism.

The pediatrician updated us on the situation with Children's Hospital Boston. We should be getting approval from our insurance company either today or tomorrow. The pediatrician's office already sent Emmie's file to Boston. I have to call Emmie's neurologist & get her discs sent of her EEGs & MRI...any testing that was done. The neurologist in Boston may decide to redo all of the testing, depending on what they see on Albany's images. It doesn't sound like the wait is too long for an appointment in Boston, just a few weeks!! I AM BEYOND EXCITED!!! I also found out that through Medicaid we can get reimbursement for travel, lodging & food. What a help that will be!! I am grateful.

Emmie has had a cold on & off for almost a month now, chest & nasal congestion. Her immunity is low & when she gets sick she takes a long time to get well. The pediatrician is treating her for a sinus infection, so she is starting antibiotics today. Great! Now, she will probably have diarrhea & get a yeast infection. We've been down this road before. I hate giving her more medicine, but we need to get rid of this nasty sinus infection. The humidifier & nasal saline drops are not helping.

I am grateful for Emmie's pediatrician & all of the resources that are available to Emmie & our family.......Aim High, the Epilepsy Foundation, Medicaid, Northeast Mobility(where we are getting Emmie's adaptive stroller & helmet), Emmie's Early Intervention Service Coordinator & Therapists....the list goes on & on!! Most of all, I am grateful for a happy, healthy, beautiful girl!!

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  1. Omg... God bless your little one.but down syndrom is now a days a curable disease.
    -Sinus Flush