Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Yesterday, on Emmie's birthday, I got a call from a receptionist at Children's Hospital Boston. We got approval from our insurance company to take Emmie to see the neurologist there. In that moment, the angels were singing!! :) The phone call couldn't have come on a better day. :) We got an appointment for next week! . I was surprised since I thought it might take us weeks to get an appointment. I have spent the day talking to people at the hospital regarding insurance information, Emmie's records, etc. I headed down to Albany Medical Center to get copies of the discs of Emmie's EEGs & MRI. I have been told that the dr. in Boston may want to redo the tests, but she will need to examine the ones that were already done. We have decided to take Aidan with us. We are going to head to Boston the day before Emmie's appointment & do something fun...Children's Museum or Aquarium. Eric will take care of Aidan while I take Emmie to the appoinment the next day. I was able to get us a room at a hotel right next to the hospital. I didn't want to worry about traffc & getting to her appointment on time. We can walk to the hospital from the hotel. Aidan loves traveling & hotels, busses & trains. He is going to have so much fun!! I am very excited about our trip & I am feeling very hopeful. Maybe, just maybe this dr. will be able to help Emmie. My little girl has been through so much & I am ready for all of this to be over. It has been a long road & it may continue to be long, but somehow I am finding the strength to be optimistic. It has been stressful & exhausting for all of us. Some days I feel like the life has been sucked out of me. I hate seeing Emmie on all this medication, having seizures, falling, bumping her head....Maybe we'll get the answers we've been looking for. Time to get Aidan off the bus!! It's a rainy day here & he was so happy to wear his fireman raincoat & rainboots. That's my boy!! :)

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