Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Where did the time go?!?! It was 2 months ago today that Emily was born. I definitely remember that day! Here's an update on what Emmie is doing these days:

Emmie has started to smile. She smiles mostly in her sleep & mostly for Daddy. (She is definitely "Daddy's Little Girl"). I have caught her a few times & her smiles make me melt & bring tears of joy. There is nothing like it!

Her Mother's Day gift was rolling over (belly to back). I have only actually seen her do it once. I put her in her crib on her belly & when I peeked in on her minutes later, she was on her back.
Every time I grab the video camera, she won't do it. Why can't babies perform on demand?!?! :)

I feel so grateful today. I am grateful for every moment with Emily. I am grateful for every small accomplishment. I am grateful for my perfect family.

Tomorrow Emily will get her first round of shots. (More on that tomorrow) Aidan, Emily & I are off to a playdate with Spencer & Quentin!! Good times!! :)

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