Monday, August 31, 2009


Emmie had an appointment with her Developmental Pediatrician today. I went with Emmie & Aidan & Emmie's Physical Therapist, Jill. Overall, Emmie is doing great!! She is very alert, tracks things well with her eyes & can grasp things very well. There is some concern with her left hip. It is clunking, coming out of the socket. It could be from her low muscle tone or something else. Emily will get an ultrasound this week to get it checked out. I am trying not to worry about it, but it is on my mind.

Emmie has some delays with her speech. This seems strange since she is only 5 months old. She is only making low tone sounds, no high tones yet. No high pitched giggles. The dr. also said Emily will be delayed with sitting up, crawling, & walking. It could take her up to 24 months to walk. These are all delays we expected, but it hits hard when it is put in front of me again. I felt like saying, "Do you know who Emmie's Mommy is?" :) I will work with Emmie for as long as it takes. It doesn't matter if she reaches all those milestones on time or not. She will do it at her own pace, when she is ready. I will be with her every step of the way, helping her & cheering her on.

Aidan was such a good boy during the appointment. He played with cars & trucks. He was so sweet to Emmie. He hugged & kissed her & said, "There's my girl!" The love he has for her is so sweet.

Daddy is due to come home for Labor Day weekend. We are very excited! Aidan has been having an extremely difficult time. He is very angry & wants his Daddy. He screams for Eric, bangs his head, cries, bites himself. It is heartbreaking to watch him go through this. All I can do is be there for Aidan & tell him that Daddy will be home soon. I hold him & let him scream it out. He needs to get it out. He knows that Daddy is away with the Army. He talks to Eric on the phone & we are going to start using the webcam soon. It will be good for us to be a family again, even if it is for a few days. We all need it. Saying goodbye again will be hard.

That's the latest. I feel like I haven't blogged in so long. I have been so busy now that Aidan is on vacation from school. Not a moment to myself! I will be writing more often once he is back in school.

Before I sign off, I want to thank my family & friends for all of their help & support. You are all amazing!! We couldn't get through this without you!! The phone calls, emails, babysitting, visits, dinners, venting sessions, hugs.......We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

One more thing.....This weekend I went to my first training session to be an advocate for Parent to Parent, an organization that helps families with children with disabilities. I attend 20 hours of training & then I will be connected with 3 families throughout the year. I have found my calling! It was an amazing day...emotional & empowering. I will blog about it next time.

Wish us luck with Emmie's ultrasound on Thursday!

Good Night!!

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  1. Good luck with the ultrasound. It sounds like you have such an amazing EI team. At 5 months, we still don't even have an IFSP, no therapy sessions, just a monthly visit 'hello'. I'm hoping we get going after surgery this month.
    Yay for a visit from Daddy!