Monday, August 17, 2009


I feel like I haven't blogged in forever!! Life is pretty crazy these days. I feel like I don't have a moment to myself. Taking care of 2 kids alone is not easy. It's stressful & exhausting! I have a new respect for single parents....GOD BLESS YOU!!

We are doing fine. The kids keep me very busy & I am grateful for that. We have been talking to Eric pretty much every day. At times, it seems like the time is flying by. Other times, it feels like the days never end. Somedays I find myself trying to do just about anything to fill up the time. I hate to live my life like, "another day down & cross it off the calendar", but it becomes that sometimes. It's hard to fully enjoy life when the other half of my life, my partner, is far away & won't be back for a while. This is also making me think about the year deployment that is to come. How will we survive it? Are we strong enough? Right now, it's important to just get through the next 2 months.

Believe me, we aren't sitting around her moping. We live our life. Aidan goes to pre-school everyday, we do playdates, Emmie & I meet friends for walks, we go shopping, have dinner with friends, attend Emily's therapy sessions. I am so grateful for all the good people in my & friends. They help me find joy, when I think I can't. They make me laugh, when I want to cry. They call & talk to me, even when I want to shut out the world. They help me feel complete, when I feel empty. How lucky am I? :)

My kids!! They are everything to me. Even though I am stressed, they bring me joy every day. Their smiles, their snuggles...I can't get enough. I hold them even closer when Eric is away, just to feel connected to him. My heart aches that they are without their Daddy. I feel a sense of pride for what Eric is doing for our country, for our family, our children. After all, where would we be if our soldiers didn't do their job? Someone has to do it. In the end, I believe Eric should be with his wife & children. We need him. We are missing out on time we will never get back. As a wife & mother, I struggle.

So, if you want to know how I am doing, the truth is, I am hangin' in there, one day at a time. This is not easy, but I am pushing through. I believe I have a fighting spirit that never quits. I have my mother, my grandmothers, my aunt, & my great-grandmother to thank for that. Strong women! They have shown me the way. I hope both of my children will have this same fighting spirit throughout their lives & be able to take whatever life throws at them...the good & the bad.

Another day down.....


  1. I can't imagine how tough that is. I hope you have a good babysitter so you can get some down time!

  2. My wife and I are praying for you and your family.