Saturday, August 8, 2009


This will be a quick entry tonight. Just got home from a friend's for dinner. Aidan is in bed. Emmie is napping & will be up soon for her final bottle. I am on Mommy duty 24/7 now since Eric left. Not an easy day for us here. Saying goodbye was hard. Eric left early this morning & I feel like he's been gone for so long. One day down.......

Emmie is doing great. She weighs 12lbs, 9oz & is 23 1/4"long. She got her shots & was such a good girl. She has had a cough so the dr. checked her out. Her lungs are clear & she is just congested in her upper airways. Nothing to worry about. Her passages are smaller than normal so it takes her longer to clear things out. This will pass.

Emmie is almost ready to try solid foods, but not quite yet. She needs to have more head control. Apparently, that is the marker for being ready to start solid foods. We will try in another month or so. No big deal.

All is well. I am grateful for the health of everyone in our family. We have everything if we have our health!!

Time to get in my jammies. I am off to bed right after Emmie's bottle. This is exhausting, but I will get through it.....for my kids....for our family. Good Night!!


  1. Hang in there (I know it's only day 1)!

  2. Lacey: Take every day one at a time. You're a wonderful mom and wife. Reading about how you accept that this is who Eric is was a very amazing experience for me. We're only 45 minutes away and a phone call away 24/7 if you EVER want to talk - day or night. XOXO

  3. Lacey, I wish we were closer because I would love to help you. I have been reading your blog religiously and you are so inspirational. I hope to be as good of a mother as you are one day! I think about you guys more than you know. Love, Kristin Devore