Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Where has the time gone?! Emmie turned 6 months on October 4..unbelievable!! Everyone says things go faster with the 2nd child...they weren't kidding! Emmie's appoinment went very well. She now weighs 14lbs, 14oz & is 25 1/2" long. She also got her shots...her 6 month shots & the flu shot. She took them like a champ!! Daddy was there to comfort his little girl. Emmie did not make a peep! Such a brave little girl. She did not get the swine flu shot. The office did not have any & we are somewhat concerned about it because it is so new. Not sure what we are going to do about that yet. Emmie is at high risk because of having low immunity from Down syndrome. It is important for her to get immunized, but I have some concerns.

Emmie is eating well. She is on solids now & eats cereal, peas, green beans, avocado, pears, applesauce. I make the food myself. It is something Aidan really enjoys helping out with. We use a food mill (Thank you, Julie!) & then freeze the food in small cubes. They come in very handy. For a while, Emmie was having trouble with feedings. At times, she would thrust her tongue out, which forces the food out. I was very concerned about this, but after a Speech session with Roberta, I feel much more confident. It is important to make sure that Emily is in an upright position when she is eating. The more she slouches, the worse the tongue thrusting is. I see a big difference when we pay attention to her positioning.

We will be taking Emily to a pediatric opthamologist. We want to get her eyes checked because from time to time we notice her left eye turning in. It doesn't happen alot, but I would rather get it checked & have peace of mind.

All is well. Emmie will go back to the dr. at 8 months for more shots. ugh! I feel awful putting all of this crap into her body, but I know it is protecting her. We will decide on the swine flu shot within the next few months. As always, we are grateful for our healthy little girl.
Time to feed Emmie!

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  1. As always, I love your posts. We just started Max on solids. I am going to pay more attention to his sitting position :)
    I too am conflicted on the swine flu shot. I was not going to get it, even though the pedi recommends it for Max since he just had heart surgery. But my husband thinks we need it too, to protect him - he says "what if we catch it" and are in the house with him, taking care of him? I just don't know.