Thursday, October 8, 2009

SPREADING AWARENESS...National Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month & this Mommy is spreading the news!! This month I will be posting facts about Down syndrome & getting the word out there. It is important for me to give people the correct information. There are many misconceptions out there about Down syndrome & I want to share the truths that we have discovered so far.

Also....Feel free to ask any question about Down syndrome. This is the perfect time...Down Syndrome Awareness Month. There are no stupid questions. Here are some examples:
What causes it? What is life like with Emmie? Would you ever...? What has been...?
I am certainly not an expert, I am learning myself. I will do my best to answer you or find the answer for you.

Down syndrome occurs when an individual has three, rather than two copies of the twenty-first chromosome. This additional genetic material alters the course of development & causes the characteristics associated with Down syndrome.


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