Thursday, November 12, 2009


Wanted to share this story....Emmie's speech therapist, Roberta attended the Buddy Walk with her son, Kevin. Kevin is getting ready to make his Bar Mitzvah & is doing a special project at his temple. Kevin was so touched by the children he saw at the Walk that he decided to make Down syndrome a part of his project. He came up with the idea to organize bottle & can drives at his school & temple. The money raised will go to the Down Syndrome Aim High Resource Center in Albany, NY. This organization puts on the Albany Buddy Walk & has been our saving grace....well after our Emmie Grace! :) Kevin decided to also use this as an opportunity to educate others about Down syndrome. He is going to create a flyer with facts about Down syndrome. He will also include a picture of Emily. :) Emily has already had her photoshoot with Kevin. Roberta told me today that Kevin made a Tshirt with a picture of Emily on it. He will wear it when he talks to his classmates about the project.

Kevin's father, Mike owns a bottle/can redemption center. If you are in the Albany area, you can drop off your bottles/cans & you can tell Mike that you want the money to go to Aim High. Aim High is also collecting bottles/cans.

This is a full circle moment for me. We have come so far on this journey. Emily is 7 months old & so much has happened. It is amazing!! We have accepted her diagnosis & have fully embraced her & our new life. Life is better because of Emmie. I feel like Emily is helping us reach out to others to make a difference & we are giving back. We are touching lives, getting the word out about Down syndrome & educating. That's part of Emily's purpose I think & she is giving me a purpose. My girl.......

Time to snuggle Em & wait for Aidan to get off the bus. We are headed to the park for a playdate. Getting through another day....with joy!!! :)

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  1. "Life is better because of Emmie." How true! Isn't it great when we come to that full circle moment??

    I just ran across your blog, will definetly be coming back!! The picture at the bottom of the two kids reminds me of my kids, Hunter was 2 1/2 when Ella was born!