Saturday, November 14, 2009


Emmie is now 7 & 1/2 months old & she is doing so well. She rolls over from back to belly & belly to back. Lately she tries so hard to scoot herself forward on her belly. This girl wants to crawl!! She puts her tushy up in the air & tries to push forward with her legs. She gets tired & then drops her upper body to the ground. It seems as though her upper body is weaker than her lower body.

Emmie is sitting up for the most part. She loses her balance pretty easily & falls over. She prefers to be sitting up rather than laying down. I get the feeling she thinks she is missing out on something! Emmie is still very quiet. She barely makes any noise & I hardly ever hear her cry. Sometimes I want her to make noise like a typical baby so badly, but then I step back & tell myself that it will all come in time. She will coo & giggle & talk eventually, it will just take her a little bit longer. That is fine with me. Emmie has definitely mastered the art of raspberries!! :)
Once in a while she will make grunting & groaning noises & usually makes noises with her mouth closed. She loves having her hands together in the praying position. I feel like we need alot of prayers these days!! This is a great position for her, bringing her arms to midline, her therapists call it. This positon helps Emmie increase her muscle tone.

Feedings are going so much better. So far Emmie has tried: peaches, pears, applesauce, bananas, green beans, avocado, peas, sweet potatoes,'s all homemade by me & Aidan. He loves that job! For a while, it seemed like we were moving forward with eating solids & then moving backwards, but lately she seems to be doing ok. Her tongue thrust isn't so bad & it seems like positioning is key for her. I also use feeding time as time to do some speech exercises & oral stimulation: making different sounds, sticking my tongue in & out,rubbing her cheeks, using a bristle brush to play with her tongue & lips...anything to get her muscles going.

Emmie lights up when she sees Aidan. They are best buddies! As Aidan puts it, "We are best friends!" Emmie looks right at Aidan & gives the biggest smile. She loves her big brother! She is a lucky girl to have such a good big brother. He will "keep her safe" & give her so much love. We have started a nightly tradition. Every night we all do story time together. We read 3 or 4 books & Emmie is very interested. She looks at the pictures & touches the pages. Then Aidan gets in his bed & I put Emmie right next to him. He wants snuggle time with her & she seems to love the attention. He kisses her goodnight & tells her that he loves her. t is very sweet. I bought Aidan a mini Christmas tree the other day ($1at Target) & I have to make sure that is plugged in before I take Emmie out of his bed. It is these moments that make me so proud to be Aidan & Emmie's Mommy.

Emmie's bottle is ready. After she eats, I am taking the kids swimming....Am I out of my mind?!?!?!?! The weekends are the hardest....trying to keep us all occupied & make the time go faster. I am looking forward to bedtime.

Eric will be home in 1 week!! YAY!! :)


  1. Swimming with both kids - you're a better mom than I!! I went a few times this summer only when Grandma came along to help!
    Max does the same thing with his hands, and although he used to babble a lot, he doesn't so much anymore. Maybe his brain is focusing on new things. Wierd.
    Yay for sitting! and eating well! and siblings to love on! and for your hubby to be home again!!

  2. Emmie is a peaceful being. How many of us moms have stayed awake all night with a screaming baby! You're doing a great job with her and Aidan.
    Peaceful, smiling, happy baby! That's what its all about!